NFL Playoff Time


There is nothing more exciting in our home, than when our beloved NFL football team, The Carolina Panthers, makes it into the playoffs.  We wake up every morning grab our coffee and the daily newspaper and peruse the articles for any glimpse that some reporter  thinks we will win. Our television is tuned in to whatever sports station is covering our beloved Panthers. We scan the internet for any news of our team. Good or bad news, we simply can’t get enough of the hype. Talking non stop and giving our opinion of the game, groaning whenever we hear one of our players is injured and may be sidelined, getting angry at anyone who even suggests our team is the lesser one and will lose…are just more of what makes this time of year so exciting.

I don’t really care that the Panthers went 7-8-1 for the season.  What I know is, every game is a new game and on any given Sunday (or Saturday in our case) any team can win.  As Coach Riviera said: “I always say this: There’s a reason why you play the games. Remember that line from ‘Little Giants?’ The little kids are talking and one says, He may have beaten me 99 times, but that 100th time, I got him. I can see it in my team. They know. They’re playing with house money. Nobody expected them to be here. They were loose last week, and they’re loose this week.” The Panthers are 1-0 in the playoffs, so the way I look at it, they have peaked at the right time and are on a roll!!

This team has overcome many injuries and distractions.  Greg Hardy has been out all season because of an assault charge,  Cam Newton has played with broken ribs, had surgery in the off season and flipped his truck in a car accident, suffering 2 broken vertebra and came back to play 2 weeks later. And whose head coach has a house fire and is  back on the field and coaching the next day?  Thomas Davis, one of our star linebackers has had 3 knee surgeries and is considered one of the top linebackers in the league.  And Greg Olsen, our  pro bowl TE has a child who had multiple heart surgeries in the past year. So bring it on Seahawks. You can’t throw anything at this team that they haven’t already seen.  

I am waiting with anticipation for 8:15pm on Saturday. I’ll be sitting in my chair and Ken will be sitting in his, on two separate floors of the house, in two separate rooms and watching the Panthers play on two separate tv’s. Because that’s how they win!!

And hopefully, this time next week, I’ll still be reading articles, watching sports stations and continuing to feel the excitement of having a team in the playoffs.