New Years Resolutions!!

Okay, I’ll admit it…I am not a blogger. I thought I was. But in order to be considered a blogger, one must actually blog. I have great intentions and tons of  ideas that are swimming around in my head, but dang if life doesn’t just butt in and get in the way. Of course it doesn’t help that we just celebrated Christmas and New Years, I have a bazillion stockings to fill and we were out of town for most of the holidays…but all of those are excuses. And I’m the master of excuses. So I promise I am going to do better!!

So, with it being a New Year and all, and my promise to blog more, I decided what better way to start the New Year than by coming up with my list of 10 New Years Resolutions! So here we go:

1- Blog daily or at least every other day…okay maybe once a week. I don’t want to get too crazy here.

2- Don’t continue to let negative and toxic people rent space in my head. I ain’t got time for that!! People that take and take and never give, are like anchors weighing me down. So, if you notice your rent has been raised or you have been evicted, you will know why.

3- Spend more time with family. Anyone who knows me, knows how important family is to me. This past year taught me a lot about how short life is and how we never know when the most important person in your life will be gone. So, in addition to spending more time with family, I will never hang up the phone from a family member without telling them I love them.

4- Work smarter not harder…

5- Spend more time in prayer of thanksgiving and less time in praying for things. As my preacher reminded me yesterday, God isn’t my servant. So my prayers won’t be what He can do for me, but thanking Him for all He has already done.

6- Eat better. That’s a hard one, but I really would like to eat less french fries and candy and eat more veggies and fruits. I just don’t understand why jelly beans have fruity names but aren’t considered a fruit.

7- Exercise every day. Yeah, I already do, but doesn’t everyone include exercise on their list of New Years Resolutions?

8- Read at least one book a week.  I used to love to read, but as I have gotten older and there are more things to divert my attention, (i.e. Candy Crush, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) I find it harder and harder to keep interested in any book for more than the first 5 pages.

9- Try to be less judgmental. It really isn’t any of my business why the person in line at the grocery store looks like they just left their job as a poll dancer, or why someone drives a motor scooter to wherever they need to go, or why the man on the corner looks like he hasn’t shaved or bathed in 15 years.  So instead of judging them, I’ll love them for who they are.

10- Be a better person. That will be easy if I keep resolutions 1-9. I have a year to practice so hopefully my blog this time next year will be how I kept my 2015 resolutions.

Happy New Year!! What are your New Years Resolutions?Happy-New-Year-with-stars-2015.png