My Obsession with Pure Barre


     Many of you have been asking me about Pure Barre. So, here’s what I know and what I LOVE about it!!

My first visit to PB was in September of 2013. The first class was brutal awesome. For years I have been a tennis player, a runner and have participated in just about every kind of exercise and weight lifting program that is available. I even tried  went to one Yoga class. (hated it).  But nothing prepared me for my first class at Pure Barre. I had no idea how to tuck and squeeze. And do you tuck and squeeze at the same time? What did she mean by “embrace my shake”, “tiny down and tiny up”? Is she referring to my booty as my Pure Barre Ledge?  I didn’t even know there were “grippy socks” that one should wear.

Grippy Socks

For 55 minutes I listened and tried to follow along with the instructor and for 55 minutes I prayed that no one noticed how uncoordinated or how goofy I thought I looked.  But I got through it and when I finished,  I thought…wow that WAS fun and I was hooked.

So what drives me and the thousands  millions of other women to Barre classes? Personally, here are a few of the many things I love about Pure Barre.

1)  Every class begins right on time, ends right on time and every instructor follows the same general routine. For an OCD and type A person such as myself, consistency is  important.

2) The music is always upbeat and fun and makes you want to tuck, tuck, tuck!!

3) Each instructor is different but all of them are there for encouragement and motivation.  They literally walk around during the class, correct you silently if you aren’t holding a position correctly and always give a shout out if you are!! I will say the first time I was “corrected” I was a little embarrassed. But no one notices.  And just when you want to give in to the shake and pain, an instructor will say…”Great job Rhonda” or “you’ve got this Rhonda”.

4) The final 10….The best sound to my ears, when my thighs are screaming or my legs are having convulsions and the instructor says…we are coming up on our final 10.

5) I have noticed an increase in flexibility and toning and tightening that I haven’t seen in years. I feel stronger and my abs are definitely tighter. And for a 54 year old woman to almost be able to go into a split again? That’s right!!!

6) The wonderful selection of tops and bottoms to purchase along with the little trinkets that I just can resist.

If I’m going to sweat, I’m going to look good doing it.IMG_2389 2

7) For 55 minutes it’s just you and your workout. Once the doors shut and the music starts, there are no phones, no conversations and no interruptions. I find myself closing my eyes and concentrating as hard as I can on a position or my form. If you happen to look around, you will see that everyone is doing the same.

8)Low impact workout with minimal equipment.  A ballet barre, 2, 3 or 5 pound weights, a ball and your own resistance is the only equipment that you need.

9) Encouragement and comradery from others. Every woman in the class is there for the same reason…to look good and feel good. There is laughter and fun before class and the “yay we made it” after class.

Pure barre

10) When you finish your 100th250th and 500th classes you get your picture taken and posted on social media, they give you a gift and  you get to sign the barre.IMG_2388 2

  I look forward with excitement to the days that I can make time for my barre class. My goal is to get to my 100th Class before the end of the summer. I may have to take you all along for the celebration!!! Or better yet, start with me now!! 


NFL Playoff Time


There is nothing more exciting in our home, than when our beloved NFL football team, The Carolina Panthers, makes it into the playoffs.  We wake up every morning grab our coffee and the daily newspaper and peruse the articles for any glimpse that some reporter  thinks we will win. Our television is tuned in to whatever sports station is covering our beloved Panthers. We scan the internet for any news of our team. Good or bad news, we simply can’t get enough of the hype. Talking non stop and giving our opinion of the game, groaning whenever we hear one of our players is injured and may be sidelined, getting angry at anyone who even suggests our team is the lesser one and will lose…are just more of what makes this time of year so exciting.

I don’t really care that the Panthers went 7-8-1 for the season.  What I know is, every game is a new game and on any given Sunday (or Saturday in our case) any team can win.  As Coach Riviera said: “I always say this: There’s a reason why you play the games. Remember that line from ‘Little Giants?’ The little kids are talking and one says, He may have beaten me 99 times, but that 100th time, I got him. I can see it in my team. They know. They’re playing with house money. Nobody expected them to be here. They were loose last week, and they’re loose this week.” The Panthers are 1-0 in the playoffs, so the way I look at it, they have peaked at the right time and are on a roll!!

This team has overcome many injuries and distractions.  Greg Hardy has been out all season because of an assault charge,  Cam Newton has played with broken ribs, had surgery in the off season and flipped his truck in a car accident, suffering 2 broken vertebra and came back to play 2 weeks later. And whose head coach has a house fire and is  back on the field and coaching the next day?  Thomas Davis, one of our star linebackers has had 3 knee surgeries and is considered one of the top linebackers in the league.  And Greg Olsen, our  pro bowl TE has a child who had multiple heart surgeries in the past year. So bring it on Seahawks. You can’t throw anything at this team that they haven’t already seen.  

I am waiting with anticipation for 8:15pm on Saturday. I’ll be sitting in my chair and Ken will be sitting in his, on two separate floors of the house, in two separate rooms and watching the Panthers play on two separate tv’s. Because that’s how they win!!

And hopefully, this time next week, I’ll still be reading articles, watching sports stations and continuing to feel the excitement of having a team in the playoffs.

New Years Resolutions!!

Okay, I’ll admit it…I am not a blogger. I thought I was. But in order to be considered a blogger, one must actually blog. I have great intentions and tons of  ideas that are swimming around in my head, but dang if life doesn’t just butt in and get in the way. Of course it doesn’t help that we just celebrated Christmas and New Years, I have a bazillion stockings to fill and we were out of town for most of the holidays…but all of those are excuses. And I’m the master of excuses. So I promise I am going to do better!!

So, with it being a New Year and all, and my promise to blog more, I decided what better way to start the New Year than by coming up with my list of 10 New Years Resolutions! So here we go:

1- Blog daily or at least every other day…okay maybe once a week. I don’t want to get too crazy here.

2- Don’t continue to let negative and toxic people rent space in my head. I ain’t got time for that!! People that take and take and never give, are like anchors weighing me down. So, if you notice your rent has been raised or you have been evicted, you will know why.

3- Spend more time with family. Anyone who knows me, knows how important family is to me. This past year taught me a lot about how short life is and how we never know when the most important person in your life will be gone. So, in addition to spending more time with family, I will never hang up the phone from a family member without telling them I love them.

4- Work smarter not harder…

5- Spend more time in prayer of thanksgiving and less time in praying for things. As my preacher reminded me yesterday, God isn’t my servant. So my prayers won’t be what He can do for me, but thanking Him for all He has already done.

6- Eat better. That’s a hard one, but I really would like to eat less french fries and candy and eat more veggies and fruits. I just don’t understand why jelly beans have fruity names but aren’t considered a fruit.

7- Exercise every day. Yeah, I already do, but doesn’t everyone include exercise on their list of New Years Resolutions?

8- Read at least one book a week.  I used to love to read, but as I have gotten older and there are more things to divert my attention, (i.e. Candy Crush, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) I find it harder and harder to keep interested in any book for more than the first 5 pages.

9- Try to be less judgmental. It really isn’t any of my business why the person in line at the grocery store looks like they just left their job as a poll dancer, or why someone drives a motor scooter to wherever they need to go, or why the man on the corner looks like he hasn’t shaved or bathed in 15 years.  So instead of judging them, I’ll love them for who they are.

10- Be a better person. That will be easy if I keep resolutions 1-9. I have a year to practice so hopefully my blog this time next year will be how I kept my 2015 resolutions.

Happy New Year!! What are your New Years Resolutions?Happy-New-Year-with-stars-2015.png