I Am in Love with A Woman

Okay, before the rumors start flying that I am leaving my husband for a woman, let me explain. First of all…I’m not leaving my husband at all. Secondly, it’s not the actual person that I am in love with, but I’m in love with everything Tory Burch®. It started innocently enough (as all relationships do).  I received my first pair of TB boots for Christmas just a few years ago. The. MOST.COMFORTABLE.BOOTS.EVER!!!! And not only were they comfortable, they were gorgeous!! I wore them every chance I got. That led to my next pair of boots, which led to shopping at the Tory Burch store in NYC, which led to more boots, flip flops, clothing, purses, wallets, jewelry and perfume.

Anything with the TB logo I want and in fact feel I need!! The emails come on a daily basis. And of course the sales that offer 70% on select items, to “friends and family”  cause me many useless hours of scanning the website to see what Tory feels I need so badly that she would reduce it by 70%.  JUST for her “friends and family”.

It has become very apparent that my job as a realtor is clearly to support my Tory Burch® addiction.

Recently, I received my most recent “order confirmation” from  Tory…telling me that the shoes I had ordered were on back order.  This was a confusing confirmation because I really didn’t recall ordering any shoes. My initial thought was had my obsession gotten so out of hand,  that I was now ordering things in my sleep? Or  a more absurd thought was perhaps, it was Tory’s way of sending me a “gift”  because I am such a frequent buyer.  Did I call the company to say “you know, I’m not sure what shoes are back ordered . There must be some mistake, because I didn’t order any shoes”? NOPE!!  I just decided to wait and see what was delivered. And that’s when the most glorious, hip, comfortable pair of shoes arrived on my doorstep!! Do I remember ordering them? Vaguely. What I do remember is, when I first saw the shoes online I thought  “wow, I must have those”.  Somehow they found their way into my “cart” and into my closet. And I love them!!!

Astrid Distressed Leather shoes
Astrid Distressed Leather shoes

So after ordering shoes that I don’t remember ordering I  decided to curb my Tory Burch obsession.   I thought, I will delete the texts, emails and special invitations sent only to “friends and family”.  I will be happy with what I have and when I receive the $50.00 gift card that she sends only to her “friends and family” I simply won’t use it. I won’t order anymore shoes, wallets, boots, etc. (especially in my sleep).

But then I heard she is designing  athletic apparel!! So the obsession continues.

(Did I mention we set a place for Tory at our Thanksgiving dinner table? Just in case she happens to drop by).



I’m new at this

For many years, my always supportive hubby has encouraged me to start a blog. What, I asked him, would I write about that people would be interested in reading? Just write, he said. People love what you have to say. While I am not sure that is true, in fact I know there are some people who would probably wish I would quit talking, I decided to give it a whirl. So, just what am I going to blog about? Well, that’s still to be decided. As is the case with most things I decide to do, I’ll just figure it out as I go along.

If there is something you want me to blog about, please send me the questions or ideas. I may or may not answer them or blog about them. And if you do have a question and if I don’t know the answer, there is a good possibility that I will make it up…(just kidding).

But, I am going to give this a whirl. So be looking out for my posts.

Oh, and by the way, my blog name gloriousGG came about because I love being a GiGi (glorious grandma) and thought it was fitting. The name may change as I venture into the blogging world. But what will never change, is me loving my life as a GiGi.

The one place I would rather be.
The one place I would rather be. BVI!!